My 3 year old son has just had his 5th lesson with Sarah and has completed Stage 1 already � � Before starting the lessons he was scared to be in the water without being held and wouldn’t dare put his face in. I was so nervous for his first lesson thinking it would be a total waste of time but from the first minute, he was completely at ease with Sarah, she’s absolutely amazing with him and I cannot believe how far he has come in such a short space of time. I can’t recommend these lessons enough!


My 4yr old son was frightened of the water and cried when water splashed on his face… after 3 swimming lessons with Phil he now swims with his head under the water and swims to the bottom of the pool to collect water toys…. I cannot believe how quickly he has adapted with Phil after months and months of me trying to help him… I highly recommend go swim academy, Phil is such a genuine guy who will honestly tell you if your child is ready rather than just waste your time and money.


My daughter Amy has been attending Go Swim for a number of terms now and her ability & confidence in the water has developed massively. Ellie has been attentive and patient with Amy and that is paying off dividends. I would recommend Phil & the Go Swim Team to anybody looking for swimming lessons. It’s such an important skill to develop and these guys know their stuff.


As an adult receiving swimming lessons I was nervous to say the least! But I am so happy I quite literally took the plunge and started swimming lessons with Phil, after about 4 lessons I feel so much more confident in the water and I am so close to being able to do breaststroke – something I never thought I’d ever be able to learn in time for my holiday. I could not recommend Go Swim Academy enough the tuition is amazing I really enjoy my lessons!