Children 3 Years onwards

Go Swim Academy is committed to developing children’s swimming and supporting them as they grow into enthusiastic swimmers, armed with essential safety skills. For children over 3 years old, there are two possible swim programmes to follow: one-to-one tuition or two-to-one tuition.

The academy’s most popular programme is tailored towards children’s individual needs. They suit children with additional needs and nervous swimmers. Whether your child is a complete beginner, a graduate of the Go Swim babies programme or has had lessons elsewhere, we will find the best place to begin and go from there.
One-to-one sessions are priced at £22 per session.

These sessions allow children to interact with each other whilst in the water while still receiving plenty of individual direction and attention from the swim teacher and are ideal for siblings or friends. Two-to-one swimming lessons are priced at £30 per session, or £15 per child. Please note that these lessons are subject to an initial assessment.

Swimming awards:
Certificates and badges are awarded when pupils consistently reach the criteria for each swimming stage as set out by Swim England. Swim teachers are always happy to discuss a pupil’s progress although it is a Go Swim belief that certificates and badges aren’t always the clearest indicator of improved swimming: children who look forward to swimming lessons and enjoy their time in the pool are a clearer sign of swimming success.