Baby & Toddler Lessons

Launched in January 2019 on the back of our successful swimming academy, we identified three lesson types specifically tailored to develop children from a very early age. All of our lessons are fun and engaging.

3-9 months: These lessons are great for very earl development. The child will develop comfort and confidence in the water from a very early age. It is a great bonding opportunity for both the parent and the child

9-18 Months: Designed to start to teach the basic movement patterns involved in swimming – leg movement, arm movement, blowing bubbles and going underwater (NEVER forced submersion)

18-36 Months: This is the final step where we prepare children for swimming lessons. Children will be starting to swim independently of parents (to a wall or other parent), fully submerging (perhaps to the pool floor), jumping in from the poolside. We will also be looking top start and develop recognised strokes (front and back stroke), this will leave your child prepared and ready to head into our swimming academy 1-1 lesson where they can further develop as a swimmer.

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