About us

 “The only sport that can save your life”

At the heart of Go Swim Academy is a passion for safe swimming. Director Phil Brazier puts safety at the core of Go Swim Academy, which he has grown from a few lessons per week to multiple locations with a waiting list for the sought-after classes.

As Phil himself explains, “Swimming is a skill for life. Simply put: it’s the only sport that can save your life.”
“When people ask me why we do this, it’s because I want to create more confident swimmers. Confidence in the water leads to feeling safe in water which can result in being able to help others and possibly save lives.”

As well as the fact swimming is an essential life skill for all of us to learn, Phil wants to inspire more of us to enjoy the sport. “I started out as a kid who was terrible at swimming; frightened of being in the water and dreading school swim lessons. No child should feel like that. Swimming is a great way to stay fit and exercise, it’s a skill for life and it can be great fun too.”

With high-quality teaching in clean and comfortable pools, Go Swim Academy offers the opportunity for its pupils to improve quicker than in bigger swimming classes. One-to-one attention means each swim session is bespoke and suited to the individual needs of each swimmer.